"The Weekly Dish" July 27, 2012


     It’s another gorgeous day here on Maui and across the world! Interesting to think that oceans away, one of my heroes Paul McCartney was singing “Hey Jude” and welcoming the world to the 2012 Olympic Games in London at the very same time. I had a lot of fun today, and I’m sure Sir Paul did as well. :o)

     I’m blessed in so many ways, including being able to share the stories of an array of this isle’s creative talents and community heroes on my radio show, “The Weekly Dish.” This place never ceases to amaze me when it comes to the spectrum of artists and small business owners that devote endless time and energy to their passion, and remain environmentally-conscious and cool. Right on!

     We kicked off the show with special guest Jake Freeman of CDF Engineering, LLC, a sweet and intelligent soul I met a few years ago while writing an article about a very special koa log. Jake has been working hard to start his own construction and design business since then, and still spends his free time outrigger canoe paddling and helping the Hawai‘i Wildlife Fund (HWF) with endangered species management as the project engineer for the Hawksbill Recovery Project. (A turtle lover to boot! What a guy...)

     I met Jake during his time as president of one of Maui’s oldest canoe clubs, Nā Kai ‘Ewalu. (Read my past article about the club’s remarkable journey at http://www.mauiweekly.com/page/content.detai /id/501649/The-Log.html.)

     I was thrilled to run across his name again recently while compiling an article for the Maui Weekly regarding an extraordinary cleanup that took place on Kaho’olawe in 2010 and 2011. (Read http://www.mauiweekly.com/page/content.detail/id/510112/Kaho-olawe-Cleanup-Reveals-the-Truth-About-Trash.html?nav=13.)

     Freeman teamed up with HWF Vice President Cheryl King and some courageous volunteers to remove an enormous amount of debris that continued to infect the Kanapou Bay, on the southeastern coast of Kaho’olawe. Thanks to the efforts of the Kaho’olawe Island Reserve Commission and a generous grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Marine Debris Program in 2010, the  ard work of more than 100 volunteers in an 18-month effort was able to remove 31 tons of debris and plastic trash from Keoneuli Beach. “Marine debris is an ongoing problem that is affecting all of the Hawaiian Islands, unfortunately, but it is something that everyone can help eliminate by making
intelligent consumer decisions… ,” said King in the recent Maui Weekly piece.

     King and Freeman recently returned after being hosted by the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich in Switzerland, where last December they shipped a 40-ft container full of over 6.6 tons of that marine debris to be featured in the “Out to Sea” exhibition. (Visit www.plasticgarbageproject.org.)

     Mahalo to Jake for coming in early to share his experience, and for being an inspirational individual. Check out his Maui small business at http://cdfengineers.com, and discover what they have to offer your next project.

     My groovy co-host Shawn Michael and I were finally able to get Chef Travis Morrin of Three's Bar and Grill in the studio. The Weekly Dish regularly features Three’s Surf Lounge, and the great variety of entertainment the blossoming venue has to offer. But, the sleek and comfortable establishment is also one of the best restaurants and sushi stops on Maui, with an organic attitude and an array of tasty cuisine available at reasonable prices. (Also, their 9 to 10 p.m. “Happy Hour” deals on drinks and fare are fantastic!)

     Travis, along with his “brothas” and partners Cody Christopher and Jaron Blosser, have dazzled South Maui for two and a half years now with their delicious menu, and in recent months, have been crafting homemade specials with the freshest ingredients you can get: right from their garden. (See one of their fine dishes below.)

     Listen to what Chef Travis had to say via our episode link below, and join Three’s on Facebook via https://www.facebook.com/threes.barandgrill.7, where you can view a rainbow of their delectable dishes right from their garden.

     Our theatre and arts guru, Paul Jones-Brown, returned from his NYC adventures, and was geared up to deliver his “Let’s Talk More… ” segment. He had a lot of energy and a variety of news to share. Listen in!

     My dear friend, art goddess Jaisy Hanlon, arose from her slumber to join us live in the studio, and she did a fine job live on the air. (I may sub her for Shawn one of these days… Girl power! Muhahaha!)

     Jaisy is a strong and fervent talent in the multi-media art world, and she has created some of my favorite designs to date. From out-of-this-world jewelry and metalworking magic to eclectic visual designs and meaningful installation art, this lady is a budding force in the art world. (Read about this rising starlet and her recent artwork in the Honolulu Museum of Art via http://www.honolulumagazine.com/Honolulu-Magazine/May-2012/Rising-Artists-in-Hawaii/index.php?cparticle=3&siarticle=2.)

     Jaisy visited us this morning to share the scoop on this Saturday’s “ArT=Mixx” event at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center. I attended the last show, and I was pleasantly surprised how impressed I was. Don’t miss it! There are so many surprises in store for attendees, and the event is free all evening.

     This Saturday’s theme is all about the beauty of black and white, and you can learn more about this fabulous art party via http://www.mauiweekly.com/page/content.detail/id/510136/MACC-s-ArT-Mixx-Brings-Black---White-Optics-to-a-New-Level.html.)

      After ArT=Mixx, cruise over to Pa’ia to Charley’s on the North Shore for one of the hottest events of the year: Cut Chemist! (Visit www.cutchemist.com for a taste of his madskills.)

     I’m a huge fan of this iconic DJ/producer/performer, and I know he has a whole bag of tricks up his sleeve for this Saturday. Get your tickets fast via http://charleysmaui.com. Requests in Wailuku is already sold out! (Thanks T-Rx Entertainment for bringing CC out to Hawai’i! I’ll be dancing with my soul friends in Chicago in mind, for sure.)

     Our gal pal Rachel Gonzalez of Body Alive Yoga and Movement Studio and Exotic Eye Tattoo made the final stretch of the show to share about the first annual Pacific Ink & Art Expo on O’ahu. Her and Lil Conquistadora are bustling about town, keeping their incredible verve flowing, and we’re happy to have them on the show as regular guests. (If you’re going to be on O’ahu next weekend and looking to get ink’d by one of the best in Pacific, email Rachel G at exoticeyetattoo@gmail.com. Only a few slots left.)

     If you haven’t already, please visit www.exoticeyetattoo.com and www.bodyaliveyoga.com to discover what this super woman has to offer Maui and beyond. She’s amazing.

     And, as usual, we covered all the hot news and cool community news that Maui Weekly has to share, and featured the latest from our small business ‘ohana, including Ambrosia Martini Lounge, Stella Blues and Computer Kokua. I really appreciate all the love and support!

     Wow, I’m “brogging” too much! Hahaha… Just click on the link on this page, and hear what you missed from today’s fun and intriguing episode!

     And, don’t forget to tune in live on Maui on KAOI 1110Am or 96.7Fm each and every Friday morning for The Weekly Dish-a delightful recipe for Maui’s community and entertainment news. Keep it real, drop the drama and take care of each other!

Thanks for listening!


Trish :o)

The “Out to Sea” exhibition in Switzerland’s Museum Fur Gestaltung Zurich contains shocking amounts
of plastic flotsam and garbage collected during global beach cleanup campaigns, including over 6.6 of 31
tons collected within Kanapou Bay on Kaho‘olawe during an 18-month period in 2010 and 2011.
Congrats to our girl Rachel G of Exotic Eye Tattoo who is invited this great tattoo expo next weekend on

Charley’s welcome the world-renowned talent, Cut Chemist, tomorrow night!

Three’s Ahi Caprese: House-pulled mozzarella, Chef-grown heirloom tomato, pesto, mac nut oil, vanilla
balsamic. Nom nom nom!

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"The Weekly Dish" July 20, 2012

Aloha Friday everyone!

     It was another fun and informative episode of "The Weekly Dish" radio show today! If you missed the adventures live on KAOI 1110AM & 96.7FM, please visit the link located here to get in-tune with the Maui community and the intriguing individuals that shape the isle.

     This morning, "Groovy" (Shawn Michael) and I had the honor of welcoming Rob Parsons, executive assistant to Mayor Alan Arakawa on environmental concerns, to discuss a recent marine debris research expeditions and the vessel's arrival in Hawai'i. (Read my recent article in the Maui Weekly at http://www.mauiweekly.com/page/content.detail/id/510079/Expedition-Documents-Debris-and-Pollution.html?nav=13 to learn more about this extraordinary voyage.)

      A respected writer and sustainability advocate, it was a pleasure to talk story with Rob. We're proud of his work on the governmental level and beyond, as he continues to work hard to keep our Maui County beautiful and well-informed. Thanks Rob for joining the fun this morning!

     My dear friend and fellow journalist Anu Yagi stopped by to join the sunrise show, providing a sweet and clever touch to today's episode as our lovely guest co-host. Anu is taking part in an incredible new annual event called the Niu Festival, which takes place this Saturday, July 21, at the Grand Wailea. Come celebrate the cultural significance of the coconut plant and devour some onolicious grinds. And, the event is free for the whole family! (Read www.mauiweekly.com/page/content.detail/id/510044/Niu-Festival.html?nav=39 for more information.)

     Thanks to funny girl Teresa Sickels, who let us give away a few free tickets to tomorrow night's "The He & She Show" events, presented by Power Up Comedy at Stella Blues! The evening starts off with a family-friendly show, followed by the naughty but nice showcase of comedy, Learn more at http://powerupcomedy.com/.

      We caught up with our good pal, Miss Rachel Gonzalez of Body Alive Yoga and Movement Studio. She's beig stretching minds and bodies in Wailuku for over a year, and recently opened her own tattoo studio down the hall, literally, called Exotic Eye Tattoo. Rachel is talented in so many cool and creative ways, and her skin art is some of the best the Pacific has to offer. She'll join some other excellent tattoo artists on O'ahu during the Pacific Ink & Art Expo from Aug. 3 to 5. (Visit www.pacificinkandartexpo.com to learn more, and check out Rachel's fantastic work at www.exoticeyetattoo.com.)

     A few of our fav guys from Maui's funky, hip-hop soul outfit, the Freeradicals Projekt, visited the KAOI Studios to share their tour adventures in California and info on their big show this weekend at Charley's Restaurant & Saloon. Hear what these cool characters had to say!

     We shared the goods on this month's Makawao Friday Town Party events, including the fierce and furious"afterparty" at Casanova with MOTHxp!

     You can also learn about all the great services and events our small business 'ohana has rockin' recently, and figure your weekend plans as we share an array of the isle's arts and music festivities.

     Thanks for listening to The Weekly Dish-a delightful recipe for Maui's community and entertainment news. Keep it real, and share the love.

Trish  :o)

(Photo: Such a wonderful morning on "The Weekly Dish" radio show with these amazing individuals: (left to right) Mr. Groovy Shawn Michael, Ami Schorr, Anu Yagi, Trish "da Dish" Smith, Rama Covarrubias)

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"The Weekly Dish" July 13, 2012

Enjoyed a wonderful and wild ride this morning cruising the KAOI airwaves on The Weekly Dish! What a fun and talented crew of guys here... (w/ Shawn Michael, James Hutch Hutchinson, Brian Kohne)