"The Weekly Dish" November 23, 2012

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And as a bonus for the Kimo Nevius fans, enjoy his live performance this morning here

"The Weekly Dish" November 16, 2012

Aloha Friday!

This morning's edition of "The Weekly Dish" was sweet, soulful, mixed with good vibes and music, with a dash of quality news. Just the recipe for radio we love!

Thanks to our special guests Randall Rospond, and studio visitors, the Soul Kitchen Trio.

Soul Kitchen's melodic couple, Tempa and Naor Nave, along with their new friend keyboardist Michael Elam, served a decadent live performance in the studio this morning. <chicken skin>

(Check out today's show and the fliers below for more details on events across Maui.)

Thanks to the Maui Weekly, and our cool business 'ohana for all the support. Visit www.mauiweekly.com to keep up with your community and arts world, and much love to Paul Janes-Brown for his informative "Let's Talk More... " segment.

And, we appreciate you the most, our listeners. We really enjoy serving up The Weekly Dish, a delightful recipe for Maui's community and entertainment news. Keep it real. Aloha!

A hui hou,

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Or Check out Soul Kitchen perform today on The Weekly Dish  
Indulge in an eclectic evening of love, music and friends tonight at Three's Surf Lounge with Soul Kitchen featuring Mary Jane Babashoff.

Soul Kitchen served live on The Weekly Dish!

Make sure you visit neighborhood hub Wailuku Coffee Company to grind on their delicious menu and drink selections, and also check out the art of our gifted gal pal, Rachel G. Her "Some Like It Raw" exhibition this month.
Thanks to all the organizing angels and Hawai'i musicians, including O'ahu's Kings of Spade (photo here by David Randall), for playing the Hurricane Sandy Relief Disaster fundraiser last Saturday at Three's in Kihei. We were able to raise nearly $4,000 to help in disaster relief on the East Coast. Right on!

"The Weekly Dish" November 9, 2012

"The Weekly Dish" Nov. 9, 2012


Happy Friday! After Tuesday's extensive election hustle, I was looking forward to this day on Wednesday morning.  ;-)

Did you vote? It was a landmark year on many levels, from the madness of the presidential race to states voting "YES" to approve gay marriage and recreational marijuana use. Hawai'i's local elections were filled with surprises and more as well.

If you missed this morning's live episode, please visit the link here to enjoy today's serving of "The Weekly Dish" radio show, which we like to call "a delightful serving of Maui's community and entertainment news." Word.

Thanks to our bon-vi-vant Paul Janes-Brown for his intriguing "Let's Talk More... " segment, and much love to our special guests, the cool and beautiful ladies, Vanessa Oat Ghantous of the Maui Roller Girls and rockin' mama Alana Castile Rucynski.

There's so much going on, as usual, and we have the scoop on some rad upcoming arts, music and entertainment events. (See the images below for the details, yo!)

We played some original music from Hawai'i bands, just like we do every week, and today we featured our friends from O'ahu, the Kings of Spade, and their track "Funk" off their last release, "Crave." A fun song from teen sensations Visibly Shaken ended the episode. It's the first track off their demo from Ola Shaw and We Are More Productions. "They're No Different" is one of my fav jams right now, and I've been cruising around Maui hollering its catchy grooves for months. Nice one, brothas!

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Thanks for listening! Shawn and I really appreciate the support, and patience, with our lil radio show that could.

Have a fun weekend! Be safe, and take care of yourself and each other.


Trish  :o)

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