"The Weekly Dish" May 10, 2013


It was another beautiful morning here on the Valley Isle. Thanks to all of our listeners for tuning in live on KAOI 1110Am/96.7Fm, or via our handy Website here. Did you know you can stream live via this site? Or, perhaps you like to listen later here and check out all the great photos and fliers we post each week of our small biz 'ohana. There are many ways to get your serving of The Weekly Dish! :-)

Thanks to all of our special guests, including the adorable giggle monster, Heather Chavez from Maui Juice Company. She brought us so much goodness and happiness. Her laugh is awesome too! I received a carrot, apple and ginger drink called "The Energizer Bunny." Where does she get that that would be fitting for me?!  ;-) 

Our engineer Garry was glowing after slamming his "So Fresh and So Clean" green concoction. Shawn geeks out over anything with kale, especially "The Green Machine." Check out this South Maui business' services via www.mauijuicecompany.com or follow them at www.facebook.com/mauijuicecompany.

Her sweetheart Dustin Christopher and her have crafted this wonderful new small business over the last year, and we're proud to feature Maui Juice Company any time.

Be prepared. Today's episode is a laugh fest with belly chuckles, good vibes and crazy amounts of great information. Listen here.!

The darling singer/songwriter Sebrina Barron called in to give us the scoop on Sunday's grand Mother's Day benefit show at Stella Blues Cafe, her new album and this summer's tour plans. Oh, and the musical whiz kid WenLu Duffy performed the classic "Hungarian Dance No. 5" in the studio, and blew all of our minds. Enjoy the silence before Wen lays her bow on her strings in the studio. I love the anticipation and the energy classic music creates.

Wen is hilarious too, by the way. And, not shy either. Haha.

We all laughed together about life and what not. Catch her Sunday with the best lineup of female performers I've seen, well, since ZEPTEMBER III. You DON'T want to miss the Mother's Day benefit at Stella's. (See flier below.)

Thanks to Paul Janes-Brown for his charming and thorough reporting, and to KAOI Studios for putting up with this wild ride we call a talk radio variety show. I can't believe August will be 3 years on the air, live every Friday morning from 7 to 8 a.m.

Mother's Day is just around the corner! Make sure you give your mother and all your friends that are mothers the love they deserve this Sunday, and every day. :-)

Being a mom is the hardest job in the world, and the most rewarding. If you're fortunate to have a mother as caring, beautiful, patient and kind as mine, consider yourself very blessed. Love you, Mom! <3

Have a fun and safe weekend! Maybe see some of you out tonight at the FREE PAULA FUGA, MIKE LOVE & SAM ITES SHOW @ STELLA BLUES! I repeat FREE! See flier below.

Thanks for tuning to The Weekly Dish-a delightful recipe for Maui's community and entertainment news. Keep it real! Be good to yourselves, and each other. 

Later gators,

Trish  :-)

Co-host Shawn Michael, Heather Chavez from the Maui Juice Company, the virtuoso WenLu Duffy and Trish da Dish