"The Weekly Dish" August 24, 2012

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Aloha everyone!

      I hope everyone’s Friday is going swell, and you’re set for a relaxing weekend ahead!

     One thing I may not be doing is relaxing much, because besides having my mind and energy head high in ZEPTEMBER planning land, there are also just too many extraordinary events that I MUST attend.  (Scroll down and check out the fliers below for some great events this weekend and in the coming weeks, and listen to our “Let’s Talk More…” segment with Mr. Paul Janes-Brown.)

     First off, I would like to thank my engineer Garry for keeping me calm this morning when I ran into car trouble on the way to the live radio show. Hahaha, always an adventure! I called him a bit distressed at the station, and he kept me mellow and moving.

     Also, a kind knight in shining armor saved me, and Mr. Groovy Shawn Michael and I were able to pull off the opening segments with wit and sarcastic shots at a few of our favorite Maui issues.

     We dove into a “spooktacular” conversation with our buddy Michael Pulliam of Maui OnStage. The ‘Iao Theater is featured in the season finale of the SyFy Network’s “Haunted Collector” and we got in the scoop on the upcoming Maui showings, and what you can expect from the ghastly episode. Muhahahahahaha!

     We delivered the goods from the Maui Weekly, and all the hot news and cool community views this great community publication offers its readers and small business ‘ohana. (Visit www.mauiweekly.com.)

     Thanks to our resident super woman, Rachel Gonzalez, of Body Alive Yoga and Movement Studio and Exotic Eye Tattoo for stopping by. She’s always full of fantastic information, and good news about upcoming artistic efforts she’s sharing with the isle. Listen in! This lady is extraordinary! And her lil black doggie, Conquistadora, is just the cutest! “The Weekly Dish”mascot.  (Visit www.exoticeyetattoo.com and www.bodyaliveyoga.com.)

Visit today’s recording link here to hear what else you missed!

     I’m off to experience one of my favorite artists in the world, Alex Grey! (Flier below for Makawao event, if anyone’s interested last-minute.)

     A little about CCAD graduate and New York art phenomenon, Alex Grey, and some of the work that’s inspired me:
     “Revealing the interwoven energies of body and soul, love and spirit that illuminate the core of each being, Alex Grey’s mystic paintings articulate the realms of consciousness encountered during visits to entheogenic heaven worlds. His painting ‘Net of Being’–inspired by a blazing vision of an infinite grid of Godheads during an ayahuasca journey–has reached millions as the cover and interior of the band TOOL’s Grammy award–winning, triple-platinum album, ‘10,000 Days.’

     Net of Being is one of many images Grey has created that have resulted in a chain reaction of uses–from apparel and jewelry to tattoos and music videos–embedding these iconic works into our culture’s living Net of Being.”  (http://alexgrey.com/art/books/net-of-being/)

Explore his work. It’s life-changing.

     And, thanks for listening to “The Weekly Dish,” a delightful recipe for Maui’s community and entertainment news. Keep it real, and enjoy life.