"The Weekly Dish" Radio Show Turns 2!

      I know, I know... we're still a baby, but after 100 episodes, I am very thankful for the journey we've traveled on the KAOI airwaves.  It's been so much fun, and also an honor to share with you Maui's incredible stories and individuals.

      Tomorrow (08/10/12) we will celebrate live on the air at 7 a.m. HST with some of our friends and radio  ohana. Oh boy... do we have a lot in store for you live listeners!

      We'll welcome our good friend and Grade-A radio personality, Johnny A, to the studio to help host the celebration, and our very own Paul Janes-Brown graces the studio with his style and wit. Hopefully, we can keep the herd of happy folks in control so that we may deliver a quality radio show as well as party!

      Also, our musical brotha, Kaulana Kanekoa, will bring his 'uk skills and gentle spirit to the studio. We're looking forward to a few live Kanekoa ditties from his band mate Shawn Michael and him. If you don't know this band, shame on you! They make great music that grooves your soul. (Visit http://www.kanekoamusic.com to discover what you've been missing.)

      Rachel G from Body Alive Yoga and Movement Studio and Exotic Eye Tattoo (photo below) will visit the latter part of the broadcast, and we're hoping Megan and the ladies of Wailuku Coffee Company can stop by with some great news from the neighborhood hub.

       Oh, and about every 7 minutes, we'll be giving away some goodies from our local small business 'ohana and beyond. Yay!!

      Giveaways includes great treats from Stella Blues Cafe, Ambrosia Martini Lounge, Three's Bar & Grill, Adoboloco Hot Sauce and more!!  Save 242-7800 on your phone, and wait for our signal. Some callers will have to answer a simple trivia question to receive gifts, so listen closely. (DISCLAIMER: You must live on Maui or at least Hawai'i to win. Sorry, Mainland listeners... )

      Listen to last week's radio show if you have time tonight via the link below, make sure your dial is set to KAOI 1110Am or 96.7Fm tomorrow morning if you're on Maui, or visit http://www.radiop1.com/mediacenter.aspx?stationid=82 to stream online. Keep up with us also via www.facebook.com/theweeklydish.

     My silly and sweet sidekick Shawn Michael and I are happy to serve up community and entertainment news in our own special fashion each week, and we're looking forward to many more years to come!

      If you get chance, visit this link to read my editorial in the new Maui Weekly on the anniversary.. http://www.mauiweekly.com/

 Thanks for listening, and keeping it real.
Peace. Love. Aloha!
Trish  :o)

Click here to listen to today's show! 

Join Mr. Groovy Shawn Michael and Trish "da Dish" Smith as they
celebrate 2 years of "The Weekly Dish" radio show!
(Photo: Stephen Holding of Shooting Stars Photography)

Win a free yoga class with superwoman Rachel G of Body Alive Yoga!

Stella Blues Cafe has been with us since the beginning and we never
tire of talking up their goodness. Whether it's the service, cuisine,
or entertainment, Stella's has got it going on! Listeners will have a
few chances to win gift cards to this fine family establishment.

Brotha Kaulana Kanekoa visits the studio to strum the 'uk with his
bandmate Shawn Michael of Kanekoa. It's about time! (Photo: Trisha
Our pal, Radio Pirate Johnny A, visits the morning crew at KAOI to see
how we do what we do. Yay! (Photo: Jessica Pearl Photography)
And, our own bon-vi-vant (one that loves the good life) visits the
station to deliver his arts and theatre scoop. (Photo: Jack Grace)