"The Weekly Dish" March 15, 2013


Thanks for stopping by, World!   ;-)

I truly appreciate your support of The Weekly Dish radio show and my online adventures.

It can be a bit wacky, as sometimes we're silly, too sassy, say the wrong thing, or are just sleep-deprived and possibly zone out. Maybe that's just me...  Haha. My loyal co-host Shawn is just weird and wily, and we love him for it. :-)

For real though, we really enjoy sharing the bold, beautiful and intriguing stories of Maui with our listeners and followers. It neverceases to amaze me how much there really is going on here in a residential community of approximately 150,000. (144,444 according to the 2010 U.S. Census.)   ;-)

Yes, there are plenty visitors to keep the good times flowing, but living in a small, bohemian-like community such as the Valley Isle, really puts life in perspective quite often. It pays the soul to be a good person, avoid drama and take care of yourself and each other.  Live your dreams. Unplug sometimes. Say "no." Say "yes." Experience nature every day, and turn off that damn cell/computer in your hand! Make a stranger smile. Laugh. Volunteer. Listen. Dance. Live.

Okay, enough hippy dippy Trish.  ;-)

A big thanks to my rad homies Mike and Bessie Waggoner of the Garden of Eden on Hana Hwy. A mere day in their captivity, and I felt more renewed and comfortable with myself than I had in a long time. I love my friends. And the jungle. And, Mike is forever part of The  Weekly Dish 'ohana, as his Classic Cruisers segments are some the best radio we did. We're stoked to have Mike and Bessie visit the studio next month to share the magic happening at the Garden of Eden. Follow their adventures via https://www.facebook.com/pages/Garden-Of-Eden-Arboretum-LLC/227908590606205.

Our friends Heather Chavez and Dustin Christopher of Maui Juice Company inspired us with their bright spirits and healthy recipes to KAOI Studios this morning. Shawn and I were charged on the colorful mixes, including the "Green Machine" and a carrot, orange and ginger delight called "What's Up, Doc?" It's definitely my favorite so far. Okay, I'm a sucker for anything that has to do with bunnies or ginger.

These two sweethearts have crafted something really special with hard work, open mind and commitment to their locavore attitude. In fact, they utilize over 85 percent of local products in their nutritious small business, and have no intention of slowing down. They deliver and are some of the most fit and friendly people I know on Maui. And, it's always genuine. Smiles for miles! Visit them on www.mauijuicecompany.com, and LIKE them in FB land via www.facebook.com/mauijuicecompany. We'll definitely be hearing more from them!

Paul Janes-Brown joined us and shared his "Let's Talk More..." report, and our buddy Cody Christopher cruised in later than expected, but we got a few minutes of giggles and gab with the sweet chef. We covered the Battle of the Bands in Three's Surf Lounge coming up tonight, and dished on the three-year-old restaurant's gourmet breakfast and lunch selections.

We played Naau's demo track, "Levity." The hard rockers have renovated their lineup, and are ready to rock out tonight at the BOB. They are up against Slit 1 and The Kittinger Jump, a new and highly-talented band making their debut tonight on Maui. (See last week's show:

Manoli's Pizza Company's new bar & lounge has been delighting visitors and residents alike since it opened in January. It already has a great group of regulars from the resort area that come for Manoli's killa Happy Hour specials, featured from 3 to 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. to midnight. Pull up for an exquisite sunset with your honey, or impress a business lunch with your good taste.

Learn more about the Montessori Hale O Keiki event at Manoli's on March 23. (Visit Maui Weekly's writeup at http://www.mauiweekly.com/page/content.detail/id/511046/Tinsel-Town-Nights.html?nav=39,)

Manoli's delivers too! (In South Maui, call 874-PIZZA.) And, besides the fun characters, cocktails and family vibes that grace this Aaron Placourakis restaurant, the thoughtful and local-conscious cuisine comes from some of Maui's top chefs, including Geno Sarmiento and Maka Kwon, renowned for their work with Tri-Star Restaurant Group in Hawai'i. Visit www.manolispizzacompany.com, and get down to Wailea to wine and dine with us!

Thanks to the Maui Weekly for keeping us in touch with Maui's community and beyond. Check out this week's Maui Weekly articles of interest:

I just texted with our favorite cowboy, Mr. Lukas Nelson, and we're thrilled to announce his return to The Weekly Dish for a studio feature, including a live performance. Him and his badass band, the Promise of the Real, are back at Charley's in Pa'ia the next two Saturdays (March 23 and 30). He's snowboarding in Sun Valley right now, and I'm super jealous! We'll have to trade stories when he comes on the show this month.

Visit these links below to keep in touch with Lukas & POTR.

Listen to today's episode here, and cruise the handy fliers and photos below to learn more about our rockin' business 'ohana, our talented friends and the happs around town. Follow us on FB too via www.facebook.com/theweeklydish

Mahalo for tuning to The Weekly Dish-a delightful recipe for Maui's community and entertainment news, served live each and every Friday morning on KAOI 1110Am/96.7Fm. Have a fun and safe St. Patty's Day!


Trish :o)

Bonnie Raitt at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center tonight! Jon
Cruz opens. Visit www.mauiarts.org.

Panko crusted Opaka, bbq-spiced ginger-carrot
couscous, wilted kale with red onion, Hamakua mushrooms and bacon
served recently by the cool culinary clan at Three's Bar & Grill.

The alluring Absinthe fountain is awaiting your arrival at
Ambrosia Martini Lounge.

Maui OnStage's groovy "SHOUT!" closes this weekend at the 'Iao
Theater. Visit www.mauionstage.com.

The Kittinger Jump's Chad Kaya and Miss Trish da Dish last week at
KAOI Studios in Wailuku. Chad debuts this new band tonight at the
Battle of the Bands at Three's.